Emergency clean-up teams are drafted in to clean up the mess...

Despite being universally hailed one of their finest gigs this year, Oasis‘ show at MURRAYFIELD STADIUM in EDINBURGH has been branded rubbish by local residents.

Edinburgh City Council confirmed that 25,000 tonnes of rubbish – one-third of the amount normally expected at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay event which draws crowds of 300,000 – were collected after the sold-out 56,000 capacity gig on Saturday (July 29), and emergency clean-up teams from the refuse department who were drafted in after the concert had bottles hurled at them.

A Council insider said the biggest source of complaint was the volume of bottles, cans and human excrement surrounding the stadium, and it has been suggested that this could have been made worse by the fact that alcohol is not allowed to be sold within the stadium.


Lothian And Borders Police are to hold a summit meeting with local resident groups to discuss the future of rock gigs at the venue.

But promoter Mark Mackie of Regular Music played the complaints down, saying that it was blown out of proportion by muck-rakers looking for a negative angle on the show.

“The mess was tidied up, we had a planned clean-up and it was sorted as usual. There is nothing there now. Perhaps people wanted a negative story, and seeing as there wasn’t much traffic congestion they went with that. The band were awesome and everyone was incredibly well behaved. Everything went very well,” he added.

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