Gallagher Senior also rubbishes his little brother about his ongoing feud with Robbie Williams...

Noel Gallagher has slammed PAUL ‘BONEHEAD’ ARTHURS and PAUL ‘GUIGSY’ McGUIGAN for quitting OASIS, saying “they just couldn’t be bothered”, and “nobody loves their family that much”.

Noel was asked about the pair’s departure last night on US radio station K-ROQ following the band’s performance at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 9).

When asked how the new members of Oasis were fitting in, and whether Bonehead or Guigsy had given any new reasons for their departure, Noel said: “I’m still not too sure why (they left), there’s theories and there’s theories isn’t there? But you’d have to go along with what they said, they said they wanted to spend more times with their families.


“I’d love to meet their wife and kids. Nobody loves their family that much, believe me! Maybe they just felt that they couldn’t be bothered doing it any more, but it wasn’t something we were willing to dwell on.”

Both Bonehead and Guigsy announced tbey were leaving the band in August last year, following the completion of their work on Oasis‘ new album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’. Bassist Andy Bell and guitarist Gem Archer were drafted in and have been playing live with the band since.

Noel also spoke about the ongoing feud between Robbie Williams and Oasis vocalist Liam Gallagher.

Rubbishing claims that a boxing match was due to take place between the two, Noel said: “It’s two little boys making a lot of noise. Anyone that knows anything about boxing will know that Robbie Williams could never fight Liam because Robbie‘s got an unfair weight advantage. It’d be like a WWF wrestler fighting Oscar De La Hoya, which is not gonna happen.”

Oasis continue their US tour tonight (April 11) in Las Vegas, and their new single in the UK is ‘Who Feels Love’, which is released on April 17 through Big Brother.

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