The band wind up their European dates with a stunning performance in Edinburgh...

Oasis stormed back to top form last night (July 29) at EDINBURGH MURRAYFIELD STADIUM, with a set that saw the GALLAGHERS at their musical and emotive best in front of an ecstatic Scots crowd.

Liam was cool, calm and collected compared to last week’s drunken Wembley Stadium performance – glorious as it was. To Oasis-watchers, it looked apparent that words had been exchanged between the two brothers, with insiders commenting that Noel had warned the younger Gallagher to behave. Whatever happened backstage, this was a different sort of concert altogether. Noel actually smiled, while his brother sang beautifully and kept his rants to a minimum.

Liam had a brief pop at Robbie Williams for his “fat arse” while Noel declared: “Robbie Williams is one of the finest actors of our generation. He is also a brilliant stand-up comedian. And he was amazing in ‘Mork And Mindy’.”


Liam refused to continue with the set at one point until girls in the crowd got their breasts out, and after two duly obliged he launched into ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’.

The band were on excellent form as they played through what was effectively a “greatest hits” set, with no surprises or major deviations from their recent dates. But when you can play a song called ‘Champgne Supernova’ and follow it up with one called ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ you can’t really go wrong.

Speaking to before the gig, Liam played down the recent tensions within the band, despite reports that he and Noel were staying not only in separate hotels, but different cities, the elder brother going to Glasgow. He said the mood within the group was “fine” and on last weekend’s drink-fuelled performance pointed out: “The main thing is, it rocked.”

The final gig in their often-troubled European tour, the Edinburgh show looked more like a band flying high, positive and playing at their best, than a group in decline. With the Carling Weekend gigs at Reading and Leeds, and Glasgow Green still to come at the end of August, the anticipation amongst fans of what lies ahead is enormous.

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