Liam Gallagher reveals what he’d do to his kids if they went to a Noel gig

He also opens up about the chances of them making up

Liam Gallagher has launched another attack on his brother Noel, revealing what he’d to his children if he found out that they’d been to one of his gigs.

Currently promoting the upcoming Oasis film Supersonic ahead of his upcoming solo album, the former Beady Eye frontman was asked by Metro about the giveaway signs of becoming ‘a square’ – when he replied ‘listening to Coldplay and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

“If I ever caught them at one of their gigs there’d be trouble. I’d stop their pocket money or I’d dish out loads of old photos of them with nappies full of shit and put that on the internet and say, ‘cop that, dickhead’,” said Liam. “That’ll do it ‘cos they think they’re 16, 17.”


Liam continued: “Who knows? It certainly wouldn’t be for money. I guess it would be nice to put it all to bed for me mam’s sake. I miss hanging out with my brother. I fucking love him but at the same time he’s treated me like a bit of a c**t. We’re having a stand off, but it’s a funny one, we’re not putting in each other’s windows or messing with each other’s tyres, trying to kill each other.

“He’s like ‘he can’t sing’. ‘Fucking do one potato’. It’s stupid and childish and we should know better, but we don’t.

When asked about why he chose to call Noel a potato, Liam replied: “‘Cos he looks like one.”

Pushed for his thoughts of an Oasis reunion, Liam replied: “As long as you’re still breathing there’s always a chance. Obviously I’d like to do it ‘cos there’s fuck all else to do. In the meantime a solo record will have to do.”

This week saw bookmakers slash the odds of the band reforming to tour in 2017 while former-guitarist Bonehead added that he’d ‘be there like a shot’ if a reunion seemed likely.