Watch Liam Gallagher threaten to ‘slap’ fan in ‘Supersonic’ film clip

Band discuss their reputation as 'hooligans' in documentary

A new clip has been released from the Oasis documentary Supersonic and it sees the band discussing their “hooligan” reputation as Liam Gallagher is shown threatening to “slap” a misbehaving member of the audience.

Directed by Mat Whitecross and co-produced by Amy filmmaker Asif Kapadia, Supersonic documents the rise of the Britpop band. It was released in the UK earlier in October and will get a one-night-only screening in the US on October 26. Read the NME review.

Ahead of its US release, this clip has been shared online from the film. It sees Liam and Noel Gallagher denying their reputation as being “hooligans” before showing footage from a gig in which Liam tells off a fan for throwing a bottle at the band.

Liam says in the clip: “If you’re feeling a bit of a geezer, right, whoever threw the fucking bottle, let’s have you up here and I’ll slap you in front of the crowd. I’m not here to get fucking things thrown at me – fucking coconut stall.”

Watch the clip below via Pitchfork.

Last month saw betting suspended on the chances of the band getting back together to tour in 2017, while former guitarist Bonehead added that he’d “be there like a shot” if a reunion seemed likely.