Oasis ‘Supersonic’ documentary director: ‘Liam and Noel Gallagher will reunite for the fans’

Betting on the band getting back together was recently suspended

Mat Whitecross, the director of the Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ has said the fans will ultimately bring the band back together.

The film received its premiere last Sunday, accompanied by a live Q&A with Liam, former guitarist Bonehead and Whitecross.

Last month, the filmmaker said he was convinced the band will reunite sooner or later.

But he has now said the reason they will reform is because of the fans.

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“Noel [Gallagher] doesn’t say no,” he said. “Whenever anyone asks him, which is probably every day, he doesn’t say no. He makes a joke and says it’ll have to be a filthy amount of money, or it’d have to be this or that, or get a mute button for Liam or something. But I feel like it’ll happen.

“The thing they both conclude at the end of the film was that, really, you can write the greatest songs in the world, you can be the greatest band in the world, but it’s all down to the fans. He [Noel] plays those songs at solo gigs now and he only has to strum the first two chords to ‘Wonderwall’ and he can go home because everyone’s going to sing the thing for him.

“I just feel like for the fans I imagine he’d feel that he’d want to do it again. And partly I guess that’s what doing this film was about – the legacy, wanting to give something back. It was amazing how generous they both were in saying it wasn’t us, it was our fans, it was the crowd.”

He also told Edith Bowman on her Virgin Breakfast radio show that the only people that could keep Liam and Noel under control were women.

Whitecross added: “There’s a long section in the film on [their relationships with women]. Most of them were products of single mums and it was one of those things where they were often paired up with tour managers or photographers who were women, because they were the only people who could make them behave and who they were respectful to. If there was a man coming into the situation it would get volatile, but if it was a woman it’d be fine.”

This week saw betting suspended on the chances of the band getting back together to tour in 2017, while former guitarist Bonehead added that he’d “be there like a shot” if a reunion seemed likely.