Liam Gallagher compares Oasis ‘Supersonic’ film to ‘therapy I never had’

Director makes claims in new interview

The director of the new Oasis documentary film Supersonic has said that Liam Gallagher described making the movie as akin to therapy.

The film received its premiere last Sunday, accompanied by a live Q&A with Liam, former guitarist Bonehead and director Mat Whitecross.

Now speaking to The Independent, Whitecross has said: “Liam kept saying, ‘This is like therapy I never had; I’m going to come back next week’. I kept on saying we should pretend the film’s not coming out!”

Whitecross went on: “When I look back on the archives of them together, it’s very funny and scandalous, but it’s relatively superficial. When we got them separately, we could dig deeper, revisit stuff and not worry one of them might walk out at any moment.”

Whitecross also said that Coldplay’s Chris Martin is keen on Oasis reforming: “Noel’s friends with Chris Martin and he’s constantly saying to them, ‘Just pick up the phone.’ But it’s obviously not as easy as that because else he would have done it.”

Speaking of the impact of the film, Whitecross continued: “I hope it reminds people what they’ve lost. I’m not a musician, but it feels to me the trajectory that band took is impossible now and that’s a tragedy. You also get the sense that people don’t know the real Liam and Noel, they think they’re these caricatures, which is not even close to the truth. I hope we can redress the balance.”

He added: “And if we can get the band back together, even better.”