Betting suspended on Oasis 2017 reunion

Britpop band split in 2009

Betting has been suspended on a possible Oasis reunion taking place in 2017.

The Britpop band split in 2009, with rumours of the group reuniting circulating ever since. Last week saw bookmakers slash the odds of Oasis reforming while former guitarist Bonehead added that he’d “be there like a shot” if a reunion seemed likely.

Now bookmakers Betway have suspended all bets on a 2017 Oasis reunion. The company’s Alan Alger has said of the decision: “Our traders were put on red alert after a significant number of maximum stake bets at 5/4 for Oasis to reunite in 2017 were placed. It’s a niche market to bet on, so it was immediately flagged up and the decision to suspend any further betting on the band getting back together was taken.”

“If the betting activity has come from sources ‘in the know’, then it would seem we could well be on for an Oasis reunion next year. We’ll now just have to wait and see, and I’m sure there will be millions of fans with their fingers crossed!”


Liam Gallagher recently “held the olive branch out” to brother Noel Gallagher, saying that he wants to repair the relationship with his elder sibling and former Oasis bandmate for the sake of their mother.

Liam said: “Obviously [our mum would] like us to be chatting, sit around the table at Christmas. But it’s a stupid standoff, and we should know better, as we have kids. It would be nice for me and [Noel] to get back together as brothers. But it’s good, the standoff. I’m enjoying it. I ain’t backing down. He ain’t backing down.”

Meanwhile, Liam has again compared Oasis to The Beatles, saying that the band achieved the same level of success and impact but in a much quicker time.

Interviewed in Little White Lies by Mat Whitecross, director of the new Oasis documentary Supersonic, Whitecross mentioned how Oasis went from being signed to headlining Knebworth in just three years, Gallagher replied: “What we did in three took the Beatles eight. Good, y’know, fuckin’ rightly so. I thought we were the bollocks and I thought we’d be doing that all over the world.”

“I thought America would buy it, everyone would buy it… But that my friend is cocaine for you,” he said.