Liam Gallagher reveals what’s stopping an Oasis reunion

'Our kid's going around like I’ve stabbed his fucking cat'

Liam Gallagher has opened up about his troubled relationship with brother Noel, and revealed the one thing that’s stopping the long-rumoured Oasis reunion.

Earlier this month, bookies suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of them getting back together continued to gather momentum after the release of the film Supersonic.

But it seems the one thing getting in the way of them reforming to tour and record, is Noel Gallagher, according to Liam – rather than their bickering and insults exchanged on Twitter.


“This is a serious question and I’m not bringing the mood down,” he told Radio X when asked about the band getting back together.

“Our kid’s going around like I’ve stabbed his fucking cat. He wants to be in a solo band. If people think me having a dig on Twitter is what’s stopping the band getting back together, they’re mad.

He added: “If they want the band to get back together they’ll have to ask our kid. It’s down to our kid.”

“When you’re a little geezer and you’ve got small man syndrome, you need that fucking like ‘no, yeah, no’ [attention]. People keep asking him ‘when’s the band getting back together?’ and he’s going ‘Never’ because he can carry that whip, but I think the minute people stop asking him, he’ll go ‘fucking hell, what? Are they getting bored of me now?’ So then he’ll get the band back together. So don’t fucking ask him any more.”

Liam may currently be working on his first solo album, but added that “there’s nothing better than being in a fucking band.”


He went on: “You can do your solo records, you can be wherever you want, but when you’re in a band and you’re playing your music to four, three geezers playing back to you, there’s no better feeling.

“Just doing it on your own and playing back to yourself, yeah cool, you’re going to get a hard on, but there’s nothing better than watching four of your mates all together thinking ‘fucking hell this is stonking.’

“I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. There’s nothing better than being in a fucking band.”

Meanwhile, former Oasis boss Alan McGee recently told NME that the band could be likely to reform without Noel Gallagher.

“I don’t think Noel will ever reform Oasis, ever – but when he’s a bit older I think Liam will probably reform Oasis and he’ll sell 10,000 tickets a night singing Oasis tunes and he’ll be happy with that,” he said. “I can’t see Noel Gallagher going back and doing it. If anything came out of that film [Supersonic], it was that it’s done, it’s finished, don’t spoil the fucking legend.”