Liam Gallagher compares Noel to ABBA and calls him a ‘little toad’

Oasis pair in latest public fall-out

Liam Gallagher has again hit out at brother Noel Gallagher on Twitter, comparing his former Oasis bandmate to ABBA and calling him a “toad”.

The Gallagher brothers have had a tense relationship since the Britpop group’s 2009 split, with Liam recently criticising Noel publicly, calling him a potato, a “scary clown”, describing him as the “Ronnie Corbett of rock” and comparing his brother’s dress sense to that of Gary Barlow.

Taking to Twitter at the weekend, Liam slammed Noel for recent comments he made about Oasis, saying “money money money that’s you ABBA aka NG”. See his tweet in full below.


Liam recently “held the olive branch out” to Noel, saying that he wants to repair the relationship with his elder sibling for the sake of their mother.

Liam told The Sunday Times: “Obviously [our mum would] like us to be chatting, sit around the table at Christmas. But it’s a stupid standoff, and we should know better, as we have kids. It would be nice for me and [Noel] to get back together as brothers. But it’s good, the standoff. I’m enjoying it. I ain’t backing down. He ain’t backing down.”

“At least people are still talking about it. They’re obsessed,” he added. “There’s no harm in it. He says shit about me. I say shit about him. I have held the olive branch out, and there has been nothing, so there you go. Potato it is, mate.”


Liam recently opened up about his troubled relationship with Noel and revealed the one thing that’s stopping the long-rumoured Oasis reunion.

Earlier this month, bookies suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of them getting back together continued to gather momentum after the release of the film Supersonic.