Stream Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ remastered reissue featuring unreleased music

Third album was originally released in August 1997

Oasis have reissued their third album ‘Be Here Now’ with unreleased tracks and other bonus features.

‘Be Here Now’ was originally released in August 1997, following on from the Manchester band’s 1994 debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ and 1995 second LP ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’.

Following the re-releases of their first two albums, the ‘Be Here Now’ reissue is out now via Big Brother Recordings. It comes with B-sides, rare and unreleased Oasis tracks from the era.


Stream below via Apple Music.

“I’ve tried to redo the whole album. I went into the studio and after about two days I was like, ‘this is missing the point, the album is supposed to be this fucking mental’,” Noel Gallagher explained.

“I went back to a couple of things I’d edited and though ‘nah, they sound fucking shit, they sound better when there’s no singing before three minutes’ [puts head back, inhales deeply through nose] so, y’know, you’re kind of digesting the cocaine before the singing starts. It is to be accompanied with a crate of beer and a bag of fucking charlie, and don’t be making any plans for the next couple of days. That’s the spirit in which it was intended. And if you listen to it in that spirit, it might be the greatest album of all time.”

The ‘Be Here Now’ reissue tracklisting is as follows:

Disc 1 – ‘Be Here Now’ Chasing The Sun Edition:
‘D’You Know What I Mean?’
‘My Big Mouth’
‘Magic Pie’
‘Stand By Me’
‘I Hope, I Think, I Know’
‘The Girl In The Dirty Shirt’
‘Fade In-Out’
‘Don’t Go Away’
‘Be Here Now’
‘All Around The World’
‘It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)’
‘All Around The World (Reprise)’


Disc 2 – B –sides & Extra Tracks:
‘Stay Young’
‘The Fame’
‘(I Got) The Fever’
‘My Sister Lover’
‘Going Nowhere’
‘Stand By Me’ (Live At Bonehead’s Outtake)
‘Untitled’ (Demo)
‘Help!’ (Live In LA)
‘Setting Sun’ (Live Radio Broadcast)
‘If We Shadows’ (Demo)
‘Don’t Go Away’ (Demo)
‘My Big Mouth’ (Live At Knebworth Park)
‘D’You Know What I Mean?’ (NG’s 2016 Rethink)

Disc 3 – Mustique Demos:
‘D’You Know What I Mean?’ (Mustique Demo)
‘My Big Mouth’ (Mustique Demo)
‘My Sister Lover’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Stand By Me’ (Mustique Demo)
‘I Hope, I Think, I Know’ (Mustique Demo)
‘The Girl In The Dirty Shirt’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Don’t Go Away’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Trip Inside (Be Here Now)’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Fade In-Out’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Stay Young’ (Mustique Demo)
‘Angel Child’ (Mustique Demo)
‘The Fame’ (Mustique Demo)
‘All Around The World’ (Mustique Demo)
‘It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)’ (Mustique Demo)