Watch Noel Gallagher explain how he is a ‘cat’ and Liam is a ‘dog’

Clip is from new Oasis film 'Supersonic'

A clip released from the Oasis documentary Supersonic shows Noel Gallagher comparing himself and brother Liam Gallagher to cats and dogs.

Directed by Mat Whitecross and co-produced by Amy filmmaker Asif Kapadia, Supersonic documents the rise of the Britpop band. It was released in the UK earlier in October and will get a one-night-only screening in the US on October 26. Read the NME review.

Ahead of its US release, Billboard has shared a clip from the film which sees Noel describe himself as a “cat” and Liam as a “dog”.

Noel explains: “Cat’s are very independent creatures, they don’t give a fuck. Right bastards. Dogs, it’s just fucking, ‘Play with me, play with me, please fucking throw that ball for me. I need some company.’ It’s as basic as that. Can’t change the way that you are.”

“I’m a cat, OK. That’s just what I am. I’ve accepted it. I’m a bit of a bastard,” he concludes. Watch below.

Another clip released shows Liam threaten to “slap” a misbehaving fan.

Last month saw betting suspended on the chances of the band getting back together to tour in 2017, while former guitarist Bonehead added that he’d “be there like a shot” if a reunion seemed likely.