Watch Beady Eye cover ‘Blue Moon’ to launch Man City’s new home kit

Liam Gallagher plugs his favourite football team’s new strip

Beady Eye have filmed a video in which they cover the classic ballad ‘Blue Moon’ to advertise Manchester City’s new home kit – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to watch the video.

The video shows frontman Liam Gallagher kissing the badge on the new shirt of his beloved football team, before he and Beady Eye launch into a rendition of the club’s anthem. Their version of the track also mixes into their new single ‘The Beat Goes On’, which will be released on July 18.

Gallagher told the Manchester City official website that Beady Eye’s version of the track was the best since Elvis Presley’s cover, which was recorded in 1956.

“I’ve been a City fan since I was a kid so to be involved with the launch of a new kit is colossal. Manchester City fans are known for having a lot of style and the new shirt looks mega.”

He continued: “‘Blue Moon’ is a top tune and has been City’s song for as long as I can remember. It’s been covered by loads of people but the only good one until now was the one Elvis did. I hope the fans buzz of our version and sing it along to the stadium.”

Last year, Gallagher joked that the fortunes of Manchester City and Oasis were linked, and claimed that the football club had enjoyed more success since his former band split up. “When Oasis were doing well, City were doing shit,” he said. “But now we’ve split, City are doing good.”

Earlier this week, the singer accused his older brother Noel of lying about his reasons for quitting Oasis, claiming that: “People need to know that it wasn’t just me who split the band up, it was Noel too.”