Liam Gallagher’s lawsuit against Noel complicated as pictures from V Festival 2009 emerge

The singer is pictured drinking into the early hours in Staffordshire

Liam Gallagher‘s lawsuit against brother Noel has taken a surprising turn after pictures emerged of him partying the night before Oasis‘ cancelled show at V Festival in 2009.

Liam is suing his older brother over claims at his solo press conference that the show was pulled because the singer had a hangover. Liam claims laryngitis, and says he has a doctor’s note to prove it. Oasis split up the following week. You can watch footage from Noel’s press conference at the bottom of the page.

But in surprise developments today (August 20), The Sun has obtained photographs of Liam, apparently still at the Staffordshire festival site, drinking into the early hours.

A fan who was there two years ago told the paper:

After the gig in Staffordshire, Noel headed down to London. But Liam, other band members and his close friends stayed and had a party in his trailer. He didn’t seem to have anything wrong with his voice.

Liam issued the High Court writ against his brother yesterday. Stay tuned to NME.COM for updates on the story as it develops.