Liam Gallagher tweets ‘SHITBAG’ after Noel’s album announcement

Beady Eye man takes to his rarely used Twitter account

Liam Gallagher has taken to his rarely used Twitter account on the day his brother Noel unveiled details of his solo career.

Writing on, the singer simply wrote “SHITBAG” at just after 2pm (BST) this afternoon.

Although there is no way of proving what Liam was referring to, it seems reasonable to suggest that he may be reacting to brother Noel‘s revelation that Liam wielded a guitar like an axe” and “nearly took his face off” on the night the band split up in Paris in 2009.

Noel had also revealed at a press conference for the announcement for his debut solo album, ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’, that he left Oasis as “I’d had enough of Liam“.

He also detailed that the row that ultimately led to the split of Oasis came from Liam‘s wish to put an advert for his clothing range Pretty Green in the band’s tour programme.

Noel initially refused and then told his brother he’d have to pay to advertise, which led to the row and the band’s demise.