Noel Gallagher calls for more of LS Lowry’s art to be displayed

Singer wants LS Lowry to be in the Tate

Noel Gallagher has called for the artwork of LS Lowry to be made more available to the public.

The former Oasis man is backing Sir Ian McKellen‘s campaign for the Tate gallery in London to display pieces by the painter, whose artwork inspired Oasis‘The Masterplan’ video.

Speaking about the availability of the artist’s work in McKellen’s documentary Looking For Lowry, Gallagher said: “They’re not considered Tate-worthy. Is it just because he was a Northerner? Does anybody know why? Why? What’s the official line?”


Lowry was famous for his paintings depicting life in the industrial landscapes in the north of England. Oasis‘ 2006 video for ‘The Masterplan’ featured Lowry-inspired animation. Scroll down and click below to watch it.

In an interview online at, Gallagher was asked about seeing his first Lowry painting. He replied: “I can’t remember [when I saw it], it’s just like someone saying to me, ‘When are the first time you heard The Beatles?'”

He added: “Lowry‘s always been there… there’s other stuff like the mad paintings with the mad eyes, they all look like alcoholics to me… I guess all the people he ever met were in there somehow.”

Looking For Lowry is set to premiere this year, although no official date has been set.