Liam Gallagher’s new band to write the soundtrack for his Apple Records movie

Former Oasis singer plans to recreate the sounds of the era for the flick

Liam Gallagher‘s new band are set to write the soundtrack for his film about The Beatles’ Apple Corps label.

Speaking about the recently announced project at Cannes film festival, Gallagher told The Guardian that he’s chosen not to use original Beatles music in the motion picture.

“[We could use The Beatles] if we want it,” he explained, “But we’re gonna do it – my new band’s going to do the soundtrack. We can recreate that sound like that, you know what I mean? I think it will be more exciting if you have a sound that reminds you of that era, instead of the obvious, going, ‘Oh, there’s ‘Let It Be’‘.”

Gallagher reiterated that the film, an adaptation of the memoirs of Apple employee Richard DiLello, “ain’t just about The Beatles“, adding, “That’s what we’ve gotta get across – it’s about Apple Records.”

He also confirmed that he is not planning on working on any other film projects, saying: “I’m doing this one thing and that is it, I’m back on the dole.”

Gallagher‘s new band, made up of his former Oasis bandmates Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock, are yet to announce their name or release any music, though the singer has predicted that they will make their debut this October.