Liam Gallagher: ‘Oasis split has helped Manchester City’

Singer thinks the band and football club's fortunes are linked

Liam Gallagher has joked that the fortunes of Oasis and his beloved Manchester City football team are linked.

The singer pointed out that the team seemed to do badly when the band were at their peak – and now that Oasis have split things look much better on the pitch.

“When Oasis were doing well, City were doing shit,” Gallagher told the Daily Mirror. “But now we’ve split, City are doing good. Maybe there’s some good times ahead with City, and that’ll take the pain of the band splitting off a bit.”

Manchester City romped to a 4-2 away win against Chelsea on Saturday (February 27), while Gallagher is expected to make his musical comeback with former Oasis members later this year.