Liam Gallagher: ‘John Lennon would have covered Oasis’ ‘I’m Outta Time”

Frontman says that the former Beatle would have picked a song that he wrote

Liam Gallagher has claimed that the Oasis song John Lennon would have been most likely to cover if he was alive is ‘I’m Outta Time’.

In a video on his Pretty Green website, which you can see by scrolling down, the frontman answered a question put to him as part of an ongoing feature called Ask Liam.

In the video blog, Gallager was asked “If John Lennon was around today which Oasis song would he most like to sing in your opinion?”


“I reckon ‘I’m Outta Time’,” he replied. “Because it’s the bollocks.”

Featuring on Oasis‘ final album, 2008’s ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, the song was the group’s penultimate single and was written by Liam.

Previous questions posed to the frontman include things such as “Who takes longer to get changed, you or your wife Nicole?” and “What’s the inspiration for Beady Eye?”, with the latter receiving a reply of “Mind your own fucking business.”