‘Oasis’ plan summer release for first album without Noel Gallagher – audio

'I'd like to have a record out by July,' says Liam

Oasis have revealed plans to release their first album without Noel Gallagher.

Although the band is currently working without a name, Liam Gallagher has said he wants an album out by next summer.

“I’d like to have a record out by July next year,” Liam told Virgin Radio Italy. “We’ve already done about three songs and they’re fucking sounding amazing.”

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As for the sound of the new material, Liam was quick to point out that although Noel had left, the group’s sound would not be changing much.

“It ain’t a new direction,” he explained. “We’re not making reggae music or rap music. It might have a bit more energy and be fresher. It’s not going to be that different.”

As previously reported, Andy Bell and Gem Archer are set to remain part of the band.

Listen to the Virgin Radio Italy interview with Liam Gallagher below.