Liam Gallagher: ‘My new band may still be named Oasis’

Plus singer says he'll 'always be busy' if Noel calls

Liam Gallagher has said that the band he is set to record new material with may still release their album next year under the Oasis name.

The singer said he was “halfway there” in terms of early work on the album with bandmates Gem Archer and Andy Bell, who were also his bandmates in Oasis prior to the departure of his guitarist and chief songwriter Noel Gallagher in August. He also said they had studio time booked for early 2010.

“We’re halfway there. We’ve got all the songs done,” he told the Evening Standard. “We’ve got a bit of studio time booked after Christmas and we’re going to get in there, do it quick, with no stewing on it.”

Speaking about the name the outfit would adopt, he said: “We’re not using it [the Oasis name] at the moment, but if we don’t come up with something else by the time we’re ready to release the album it’ll be Oasis. I’m not going to call myself something ridiculous just for the sake of it.”

Liam went on to explain that the band wouldn’t play any songs written by Noel when they play live, and that he wasn’t even receptive to the idea of speaking to his older brother again.

He stated: “I’m sure he thinks [of Liam], ‘I’ll do my solo career and if it doesn’t fucking pan out the way it’s expected I’ll give our kid [Noel] a ring because he’ll be desperate and he’ll do anything for Oasis.’

“Well, I’ll say this right now: he’s got another fucking thing coming. If he thinks he can ring me up at any given stage in his fucking lifetime, I’ll be busy. I’ll always be busy when he rings me up.”

As well as outlining his album plan Liam recently announced his wish to play live again within “a couple of months”.