Noel Gallagher says he’d ‘fucking pay to see’ Liam reform Oasis without him

Older Gallagher brother says he is asked about an Oasis reunion 'every day of the week'

Noel Gallagher has responded to rumours that his brother Liam is planning to reform Oasis without him.

The latest rumours stem from a Facebook post written in August by Paul ‘Bigun’ Ashbee, a longtime friend of Liam’s and an associate of the Britpop band. In the post, which was reported at the time by the Manchester Evening News, Ashbee claimed that Liam was looking into “the possibility of going out on his own with the original members of Oasis, but guess what Noel wouldn’t endorse it”.

Though Liam later dismissed this suggestions by telling a fan on Twitter to ignore Ashbee, branding him “mentally ill”, the rumours have yet to die down entirely.


Asked in a new interview how often he is asked about an Oasis reunion, Noel told Rolling Stone: “Every day of the week. People say, ‘You’ll definitely re-form – you will,’ and I’m just like, ‘That’s so fucking rude.’ They try to Jedi-mind-trick me.”

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He also shared his thoughts on the possibility of Liam mounting an Oasis tour without him. “I’d fucking pay to see that. That’d be fucking interesting,” Noel said. “We should start a rumour that I’m going to do it without Liam and I’m gonna use a hologram like they did with Tupac at Coachella. Look, to be honest, I don’t need the money.”