Alan McGee: ‘Oasis will reform in four or five years’

Former Creation Records chief thinks Noel and Liam can sort out their differences

Creation Records mastermind Alan McGee thinks Oasis will reform in “four or five years”.

McGee, who signed Oasis to the now-defunct label in 1993, said that he thinks the Gallagher brothers will reconcile their differences despite the huge rift that caused the band’s split last year.

“I think they’ll make up,” he told BBC 6 Music. “Yeah, in about three or four or five years’ time. They will. I’m pretty sure.”

”I mean, they’re brothers,” he continued. “Its like, I’ve fallen out with my sister before and we’re best mates now. Why are brothers gonna be any different?”

As previously reported, Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye release their first single ‘Bring The Light’ as a free download from 10am (GMT) on Wednesday (November 10).

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher is also working on his own album, although he has yet to confirm when it will be released.