Man who attacked Oasis’ Noel Gallagher pleads guilty

Daniel Sullivan admits causing bodily harm

The man accused of attacking Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher in Toronto last year has pleaded guilty to assault.

Daniel Sullivan admitted causing bodily harm to Gallagher at the Ontario Court of Justice on Friday (November 20).

“Sullivan managed to make his way up to the main stage area, run past the electrical cords set up along the stage, past the drumkit and lunge toward Noel Gallagher, shoving him violently from behind with great force,” said Crown attorney Ruth Neilson reading an agreed statement of facts to Justice Richard Schneider.


The court heard Sullivan almost made it to Liam Gallagher, but was tackled by security and taken to the ground onstage.

He was then held backstage where police said Sullivan was resisting, struggling and screaming as he was arrested. Officers tried to calm him down.

Gallagher was attacked at the V Festival in Canada on September 7, 2008. He suffered three broken ribs, causing the band to cancel a slew of gigs.

Neilson said Sullivan was intoxicated at the time and has no recollection of how he was able to mount the stage, except that he “remembers attempting to climb over the fence”.

Noel Gallagher stated it took eight months before he felt normal again, reports the Toronto Sun.

Schneider ordered a pre-sentence report for Sullivan. His sentencing hearing will begin on February 5, 2010.