Liam Gallagher: ‘I’ll play my first post-Oasis gigs in a couple of months’

Singer also confirms new band details

Liam Gallagher has vowed to play his first solo gigs “in a couple of months'” time.

The former Oasis frontman made the admission during a radio interview with Italian station Radio Deejay this morning (November 13). During the interview, he also gave more details about what caused Oasis to split.

Asked by presenters whether he was missing touring since the band split in September, Gallagher responded: “I’ll be back doing that [playing live] within a couple of months. I’ve just done a tour, I always miss singing songs. I miss the people.”


He added that he isn’t keen on playing smaller venues for the gigs, before confirming that he’s currently writing new material with his former Oasis bandmates, minus brother Noel.

“We’re sort of doing things at the moment. Not Oasis, Oasis is done. Everyone except for Noel,” Gallagher explained.

Talking about Oasis‘s split, Gallagher said he thinks his brother had wanted to leave the band for some time.

“To be quite honest, I think our kid [Noel Gallagher] wanted out. But you’ll have to ask him when he comes in and does his little solo thing. We had an argument – but we’ve had bigger ones, about more important people. Basically, I think he wanted out, wanted something different, but he hadn’t got the bollocks to tell the band or the fans.”

The singer also went into specifics about the argument that lead to Noel Gallagher announcing he was leaving Oasis in August, confirming that both brothers had smashed each other’s guitars.

“I didn’t smash it [the guitar] on him, I wish I had, man. He sort of… treated my guitar poorly, which was a present off my wife,” he said. “So I thought it was only fair to pay the compliment [back] so I smashed one of his,” Gallagher explained, adding: “It sounds ridiculous, like a pair of old women.”


However, the frontman added that he regrets smashing Noel Gallagher‘s guitar, as it was Oasis‘ property.

“That guitar of mine was mine. The guitar that I smashed of Noel‘s was Oasis‘ guitar. Part of the thing that I pay for. So I shouldn’t have smashed it really!”