Ex-Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll: ‘I’m going up against a global brand by releasing tell-all book’

Sticksman tells NME he 'offered the olive branch' to Noel Gallagher over controversial 1995 sacking

Oasis‘ founder member and former drummer Tony McCarroll has said he feels he is going up against a “global brand” by releasing a book levelling criticism at Noel Gallagher.

McCarroll has written about his time in the band in new book Oasis: The Truth, and in it he recounts countless arguments with Gallagher until the songwriter had him sacked in 1995.

McCarroll told NME he thinks his version of events is likely to jar with the public perception of the band’s early years, and of Gallagher‘s image.

“There’s a lot of things I need to put right,” McCarroll explained. “There is another side to the Oasis story which I think needs to be appreciated. Maybe even get other bandmembers recognised for once. It wasn’t all about one person.”

Gallagher has repeatedly referred to McCarroll in derogatory terms since he left the band, and McCarroll admitted that his book is likely to cause friction among the band’s fans.

“I’m going up against a bloody global brand,” he said. “I’m doing this for me, at the end of the day. It’s my little opinion, and I’m speaking for the little man.”

Asked if he thought he and the guitarist could ever reconcile their differences, McCarroll said: “No way in the world, I can’t see it. Noel is Noel at the end of the day. If you get any kind of apology out of that man…”

He added: “Believe me, I offered the olive branch many times. You know, tried to appease things, whatever it was. Whatever these issues were. He wasn’t forthcoming in any kind of way.”

McCarroll joined The Rain in 1991. The band changed their name to Oasis when Liam Gallagher joined, with Noel Gallagher subsequently joining the band.

Oasis: The Truth is released on November 20.