Watch Liam Gallagher sing Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ with fans in Malta

Gallagher was on holiday with former bandmate Bonehead

Liam Gallagher joined fans in a 3am rendition of Oasis hit ‘Wonderwall’ while on holiday in Malta this weekend.

The former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman spent the last few days in Valletta, Malta and was filmed enjoying the nightlife in a local bar. While there he met the singer from another band, Peter Borg of local act Red Electrick, who had his acoustic guitar with him.

Together with Paul ‘Boneahead’ Arthurs, the former Oasis member also on the trip with him, Liam sang along to ‘Wonderwall’ and also listened to Borg play a song by his own band.

“We headed there, around 20 of us, got drinks and started speaking to him. We were with Peter Borg, from Red Electrick, so we soon got a guitar and started singing together,” onlooker Albert Camilleri told Lovin Malta. “I’m not the biggest fan but my friends were in a dream. Every five seconds they were like: Is this really happening? Am I really singing Wonderwall with Liam Gallagher?”

Peter Borg explained that he had planned to stay in that night: “A good friend talked me into going to this party and I ended up meeting one of my all time favourite rockstars. And I jammed with him too!”

Liam is heard saying that the song was: “Cool as fuck – like Bob Dylan. Listen to ‘Young Again’ below