Noel Gallagher tells off Liam ahead of Oasis’ Wembley shows

Guitarist has a pop at singer for telling fans not to clap

OasisNoel Gallagher has had a dig at his frontman brother Liam for ordering fans about at a recent stadium show.

The Manchester legends are set to play London Wembley Stadium tonight (July 9), Saturday (11) and Sunday (12) – although Noel revealed that when the band played at Coventry‘s Ricoh Stadium on Tuesday (July 7) he was unhappy with the singer’s treatment of fans.

“In the middle of ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’, 50,000 people have got their hands in the air and he starts shouting at them to stop clapping,” Noel explained to BBC Newsbeat.


He added: “I was thinking, ‘That’s nice – you pay £70 quid for a ticket to be told what to do by the singer. ‘You! Stop enjoying yourself – no clapping in between these songs’.”

In other Gallagher-related news, Oasis have commissioned Sheffield artist Pete McKee to create a one-off poster design for their Wembley Stadium shows.

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