Oasis’ Noel Gallagher: ‘I’m average at guitar’

Noel says he's not that great – and Paul Weller agrees

OasisNoel Gallagher has said that when compared to guitar greats such as Johnny Marr and Paul Weller he is “average” at playing the instrument.

The star made the comments in an interview with Total Guitar magazine – with Weller adding that he agreed with the statement.

Speaking of his ability, Gallagher said: “It facilitates what I do in Oasis, know what I mean?

“I’m unfortunate enough that two of my best mates are Johnny Marr of The Smiths and Paul Weller. Those two are virtuosos to me, although neither of them would admit it.

“On the electric guitar they’re it. So if you’re asking me how do I compare to those two – and I like to compare myself to the greats – I’m average at fucking best.”

Responding to the comments, Weller said, “Bless him, but his playing is rudimentary. But Noel doesn’t pretend to be a guitar god.

“He’s very good at putting chords together and he’s got a distinctive style in terms of his chord sequences and his rhythm playing. It’s recognisable, I suppose.”