Noel Gallagher says Oasis documentary will leave out the ‘monstrous drug taking’

Team behind Amy Winehouse biopic to release film about the Britpop group

Noel Gallagher has indicated what not to expect from the upcoming Oasis documentary film.

The team behind last year’s successful Amy Winehouse biopic are working on a new flick charting the rise of the Britpop band right from their early days. The filmmakers are said to have been given “unprecedented” access to the band and unseen archive footage, with both Noel and Liam Gallagher agreeing to “share their favourite memories and offer their insight in interviews”.

Now, speaking to GQ, Noel has said that he has huge amounts of leftover footage. “We have all this footage from behind the scenes leading up to the gigs, most of which can’t be used as there’s just monstrous drug taking,” he said.


James Gay-Rees of production company On The Corner and director Asif Kapadia are part of the new project. Kapadia will act as executive-director on the film with Mat Whitecross to direct. Whitecross has directed a number of Coldplay videos and 2012’s Spike Island.

Kapadia’s Amy film recently became the second biggest documentary ever at the UK box office, grossing £3.44million. The film previously surpassed Kapadia’s award-winning Senna (£.3.17 million).


Oasis parted ways in 2009, with rumours of a potential reunion circulating since. Last year, Noel said that the group wouldn’t reform for Glastonbury Festival as the organisers “don’t pay enough”.

Noel Gallagher recently issued an update on his next album, which was in part inspired by David Bowie.

“I’m in the studio at the minute,” Gallagher has told Rolling Stone. “I’m in the middle of fucking about.”

“I’m doing some stuff that, this time in particular, will get really, properly ignored in America,” he added. “I don’t just mean ignored like the rest of ’em. I mean properly ignored. That’s what I’m aiming for: total, total anonymity. I’m sick and tired of being in New York and being pestered by one person a month. That’s gotta fucking stop.”


Gallagher also admitted that one of his new songs borrows from Bowie’s ‘The Jean Genie’. “I’ve nicked a little bit of that,” Gallagher said. “The ‘woo-hoo!’. You’ll hear that sooner or later in one of my tracks.”