Eyewitness account of the fight that split Oasis emerges?

Gossip website claims to have the details on the Paris 'altercation' that saw Noel Gallagher quit band

A gossip website is claiming to have more details about the Paris fight that effectively led to Oasis’ split.

As previously reported, the band failed to play the Paris Rock en Seine festival on August 28 after a fight between Noel and Liam Gallagher backstage, and now Holymoly.com is claiming to have an account from “a mole” who saw the dispute that triggered the split.

“The papers quite rightly reported the fact that Noel stormed out from their gig in Paris a minute before they were due onstage because Liam smashed his guitar – but the whole five minutes the saga lasted were proper comedy,” explained the site.


Allegedly Liam had brought his own acoustic guitar to play in the dressing room and a row erupted when Noel made a “pithy comment about Liam‘s playing”.

“Without thinking, Liam stood up and hurled the guitar at Noel. Naturally it missed and landed next at his feet instead,” writes Holymoly.com.

“Realising Liam had mistakenly thrown his own guitar, Noel looked down, shrugged and stamped seven bells of shit out of it until it resembled the bottom of a hamster’s cage.”

It was then, as reported by NME.COM at the time, that the singer made his way to the stage and smashed up his older brother’s guitars. Noel then “flicked the Vs, walked out of the backstage area, got into a taxi and went home”.

The following day (August 29), Noel Gallagher then issued his full statement confirming he had left Oasis permanently.