Oasis’ Liam Gallagher: ‘I’m happy if Noel wants to do a solo album’

However, the singer says he'd rather do a new Oasis album in 'six months'

OasisLiam Gallagher has told NME.COM he would not stand in the way of his brother making a solo record.

The band’s guitarist and main songwriter Noel Gallagher has previously suggested he would like to work on a solo record once Oasis finished touring current album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, and the frontman said he won’t object as long as it makes his sibling happy.

“Who knows, man, maybe he needs to go and do his solo record… fucking hell, I don’t know, I really don’t know,” declared Liam, who has his own ‘solo project’ fashion label, Prettygreen.com. “If it [doing a solo album] makes him happy, yeah, if it makes him happy. It would sound very civilised I reckon… [that’s] a fucking awful thing – but maybe it’s a good thing for him.”

However Liam, whose group will wrap up their 13-month world tour at the weekend by headlining V Festival (August 22-23), added that he would prefer to get cracking with another Oasis record.

“If it was up to me I’d have six months off and then get straight back in the studio and make records,” he declared. “That’s what I’m in Oasis for. I’m not here to fucking sit around for five years twiddling my thumbs.”

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