Noel Gallagher: ‘I’ve written five new Oasis songs’

'I've gotta get them down while it's still happening,' the songwriter says

Noel Gallagher has revealed he’s written a bunch of new songs during Oasis‘ tour of South America.

Gallagher has been blogging regularly at, and in his latest post he revealed that in between playing stadium shows, he’s been hard at work writing music.

“Had to scarper after the gig,” he wrote. “Would have loved to have stayed and re-lived the ’90s but the writing bug has gripped me. Nearly wrote five new songs on this leg alone! Gotta get them down while it’s still happening.”

The star went on to praise the band’s South American fans for being such a good audience.

He wrote: “I speak directly to you people of South America. You have been truly amazing. It’s been a privilege to play for you. The memories of this little tour will live with me for a long time. Mucho gracias and obrigado.”

A fan recently bootlegged a recording of Gallagher playing an unreleased Oasis song called ‘If I Had A Gun’ at a soundcheck in Tapei City, Taiwan.