The Oasis star says he became "more Donovan" and Meg Mathews "became more Ozzy Osbourne"...

NOEL GALLAGHER has claimed his split with wife MEG MATHEWS was likely “for about a year leading up to Meg getting pregnant”, even though it took until August this year for the break-up to become public.

Speaking in an interview in today’s Times newspaper (November 13), Gallagher said: “For about a year leading up to Meg getting pregnant I was thinking this ain’t gonna work. Then Meg got pregnant and it was OK, because they’re nice and mellow when they get pregnant. And after that it all went a bit pear-shaped, getting back to the way it was years ago, the constant larging it. In the end I just couldn’t be doing with it any more.”

He continued: “If I could sum it up, she became more heavy metal and I became more of a hippy. She became more Ozzy Osbourne and I became more Donovan – we weren’t happy, privately, but publicly we looked quite happy. At the end of the day if you’re not happy, then life isn’t worth living.

“She’d say I’d spend more time with my guitar than I did with her. That I’d spend all my waking hours in the house not joining in and not being part of her circle of friends. Which is true. You are who you are. You can’t and shouldn’t change for anyone.”

Matthews gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Anais, in January this year, and the couple moved out of their London home into the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Gallagher insists he remains happier out of London, although is he living there “under duress” at present. He continued: “All that celebrity thing and hanging around with famous people, it’s all fucking bollocks. When I stopped taking drugs it was a slow process of waking up and going ‘How did it get like this?’ It was just before the Reading Festival (in August) and I thought I can’t be doing with this any more. So we split up; it was a mutual thing.”

Oasis release their live album ‘Familiar To Millions’ today (November 13) through Big Brother.