Noel Gallagher: ‘Oasis is a rudderless ship’

Guitarist reveals troubles in the band's camp

OasisNoel Gallagher has revealed that the Manchester legends are going through “bad times” at the moment, saying that the band members are heading into a “shitstorm” soon.

The guitarist made the revelation on his blog on the band’s official MySpace page, Oasis are currently on tour in South America.

“We speak at bad times for the Oasis tour,” he wrote. “Bad times. We are a rudderless ship at the minute. And there’s a fuckin’ shit-storm on the horizon. I guess all will be revealed in due course.

“Strange atmosphere. I wouldn’t mind but we’re in South America! Playing massive stadiums and there’s a bit too much hrmph-ing going on for my liking. Shame really.”

Gallagher went on to reveal that the new Oasis song that appeared online last month was entitled ‘If I Had A Gun…’.

“It’s not quite finished yet,” he wrote, “but it was quite nice to hear that someone had taped it. Been doing a few new ones lately. They sound quite epic.”

He also commented on his friend, boxer Ricky Hatton‘s recent loss to Manny Pacquiao.

“A fuckin’ disaster,” he wrote. “Knocked out in two rounds. Crushed. I guess the cheque will soften the blow, but still… fuck! Never mind, we can all help him drown his sorrows at Heaton Park” [in Manchester, where Oasis will play three shows in June].