Noel Gallagher: ‘Oasis won’t reform for at least five years’

Guitarist adds that Liam would reject reunion out of spite anyway

Noel Gallagher has again dismissed the possibility of an Oasis reunion, stating in a new interview that even if he wanted to reform, brother Liam Gallagher would only reject his offer out of spite.

Speaking to Esquire about why he left the band and brought time on their time together, Gallagher said: “If I’d thought there was anything left to achieve I wouldn’t have left Oasis. I made a very snap decision in the car that night in Paris [the night of the band’s final gig in 2009]: we’ve done it all, we’re only going go round in circles now and do bigger tours and make more money and get another fucking drummer – we’d had about 11 drummers at that point… You name it, we did it all.”

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Gallagher also said that the band would find it hard to top what they’ve done in the past if they did reunite: “If Oasis were ever to come back we couldn’t be any bigger than we’d already been. There’s no kudos in us selling out three nights at Wembley because we’ve already fucking done seven. The Stone Roses never played gigs of that magnitude. They came back and they were bigger than they’d ever been. So it was justified.”

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While admitting that in the future he may change his mind, Gallagher suggested that his fraught relationship with his younger sibling may always remain a problem: “Ten years from now, if I wake up one morning and go, ‘You know what? I think I’m going to do it,’ I can guarantee you, just for spite, Liam would say, ‘Oh, no, I’m not keen.’ Because that’s the way shit works. I can only tell you I’ve already got the next five years planned out. So it’s not going to happen in the next five years. Who knows what circumstances might be thrown up in the future? But, certainly, it’s not even on the horizon. Not even on the horizon.

Gallagher also took swipes at other acts who have reformed: “All the bands that get back together, all those ones you’ve mentioned [Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin] they didn’t have anybody in the line-up as fucking brilliant as me. What’s the guitarist out of Fleetwood Mac called? Lindsey Buckingham. I can’t remember him setting the world on fire. Jimmy Page? That’s debatable. He’s a good guitarist but I’m not sure how many solo albums he’s fucking made.”

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Oasis parted ways in 2009, with rumours of a potential reunion circulating earlier this year.

Last month, Noel said that the group wouldn’t reform for Glastonbury Festival as the organisers “don’t pay enough”.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that both Noel and Liam Gallagher will take part in an upcoming Oasis documentary made by the team behind this year’s Amy Winehouse biopic.

James Gay-Rees of production company On The Corner and director Asif Kapadia will follow up their work on the hugely successful Amy with a new flick charting the rise of the Britpop band right from their early days. Filmmakers are said to have been given “unprecedented” access to the band and unseen archive footage.

Kapadia will act as executive-director on the film with Mat Whitecross (Spike Island) to direct.