Oasis gear up for release with new record deal

Band's own Big Brother label enters new partnership

Oasis appear to have started moving towards a new record release by signing a three-album deal in partnership with Sony BMG today (June 19).

The group’s own Big Brother Recordings will release the band’s new albums in a profit share arrangement with the major label. Thanks to a brand new music business structure OasisBig Brother label will also look after the distribution and marketing of the band’s back catalogue in all major markets worldwide.

The group’s first album in partnership with Sony BMG is due out later this year.

Oasis have released all of their albums on their own label since the dissolution of Creation Records in the late 1990s, including ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, ‘Heathen Chemistry’ and ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’.

One of Oasis‘ management team, Alec McKinlay, celebrated the deal, saying: “This is an imaginative and exciting arrangement which will allow Big Brother to team up with the creme of both the independent and major sectors worldwide to build on Oasis‘ already considerable international success.

“This allows the band to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the new business models available today as well as remaining totally in control of their own destiny. We are really pleased that Sony BMG have demonstrated the foresight and courage to engage with the band in this way.”

Ged Doherty, Chairman and CEO of Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK added: “Oasis are in complete control of their destiny and could have chosen to sign with anyone – or even go it alone – so I am delighted that they have chosen to continue to work with us. In addition this new arrangement will empower Big Brother to market and release not only the new albums but also the historic catalogue in many countries of the world so that they can replicate the unparalleled sales and marketing record they have in the UK.”