The star reveals that Andy Bell and Gem Archer have contributed tracks - and Liam has written an incredible seven...

NOEL GALLAGHER has completed the sessions for his solo album, and has revealed that band members GEM ARCHER, ANDY BELL and LIAM GALLAGHER have contributed material for the new OASIS album.

Speaking in the current issue of Select Magazine, Gallagher revealed he has already written another “six or seven” songs for the new Oasis record, although “five of them are shit”.

Bassist Andy Bell has also written material, as has guitarist Gem Archer, who has written a new song called ‘The Roller’, which Gallagher describes as being “like T-Rex doing ‘Instant Karma'”.


Perhaps the most startling revelation is that Noel’s brother Liam, whose only previous songwriting contribution for Oasis was the track ‘Little James’ for ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, has written seven songs for consideration. Noel said: “Liam’s written seven which I’m flabbergasted at. Of course, I’m not letting them on the album. Only joking!”

Noel said the new Oasis sessions come in addition to Noel’s much touted solo album, which was completed after he walked out of the band’s world tour earlier in the year. He said: “It’s already done, so Liam’s gonna have serious egg on his face. Let’s fucking see now if he’ll leave. If I’d gone on tour I wouldn’t have done it so it’s his own fucking fault. The whole thing is, it’s not intended to be some major Richard Ashcroft thing or get in the way of Oasis, but singers being singers, they overreact. He’s thrown his little toys out of the pram so now he won’t get a free copy, he’s going to have to buy the bloody thing.”

Finally, Gallagher attempted to play down rumours that the recent split with wife Meg Matthews was due to the fact he wanted to settle down in the countryside. He said: “It’s all bollocks. I’m supposed to be living in this big mansion smoking a pipe and reading The Independent, while Meg’s charging around London with four bottles of Jack Daniels stuffed down her knickers….I still love going out, she loves staying in.”

Oasis release a live album, ‘Familiar To Millions’ through Big Brother on November 13. There are plans to tour in the new year.

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