Liam Gallagher: ‘How I fell in love with a stolen Parka’

Oasis frontman explains how wearing a jacket to The Stone Roses converted him

OasisLiam Gallagher has revealed he first fell in love with parka jackets after his “auntie” pinched one from her work for him.

The singer, who launched his Pretty Green fashion label with a green parka jacket, explained that he wore one to see The Stones Roses in the late ’80s and he was hooked.

“The first parka I ever got, my auntie worked at a sport centre. There was one left behind, an Yves Saint Laurent one, and it was yellow cord and she sort of like, robbed it if you want but it was left behind so she bagsied it,” he explained in a video interview you can watch below.

“I went to see The Stone Roses in Blackpool (in 1989) and I was the only one down there with one, it was yellow cord and it was beautiful,” he said. “I was the ace down there without doubt. It was proper out of this world, I don’t know where it is now but I fell in love with them. Every time you put them on you feel like you’re going to war or something – and they hide a lot of sins!”