Noel Gallagher inspired by Barack Obama to become Britain’s prime minister?

Oasis leader would tackle credit crunch and London Underground

Noel Gallagher believes he could eventually become Britain’s Prime Minister, when there is a “groundswell of public opinion” in favour of the move.

The Oasis leader told Absolute Radio that his time at 10 Downing Street would be a “proper laugh” and revealed his admiration for new US President Barack Obama.

“We watched the inauguration. I felt for him [Barack Obama] when he fluffed his lines. He’s an exceptional speaker – you cannot fail to be impressed by him as a speaker. We [Britain] haven’t had anyone since old Tony [Blair] who could get up there and speak well,” he told the station.

When presenter Christian O’Connell then suggested he should run for office in Britain, Gallagher said: “It’s not just you saying that, Christian. There will be a groundswell of public opinion sooner or later which will carry me into office, and let me tell you, I’ll only be there for five years, and it’ll all end in tears, but it’ll be a proper laugh while it’s happening. The first two years would be kind of tough, but the following three would be amazing.”

He went on to explain how he would run the country, starting with making the London Underground “the best tube system in the world” by shutting it down for a year, and “zero-tolerance for hoodies”.

“Bring back the gallows. Open up the Tower Of London and start putting people in there,” he said.

On the credit crunch, meanwhile, he said: “What I want to know is, where has all the money gone? I’d find out where it is, I’d get it back. I’d have a worldwide search down the back of the couch for shrapnel. Club it all together. It all mounts up.”

Gallagher may struggle to be appointed to office, however, in light of the Royal Family-mocking video for Oasis’ new single ‘Falling Down’, which was premiered earlier this week (February 3).

He may also face competition from Dizzee Rascal, who last year (November 5) told BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman he might consider running for prime minister one day.