Noel Gallagher and Russell Brand phone Barack Obama

The pair make the call during their new radio show

OasisNoel Gallagher joined Russell Brand on his inaugural TalkSport radio show last night (April 19), which saw the pair telephoning US President Barack Obama to find out what football team he supports.

The broadcast marked the first time Brand has been on air since he resigned from his BBC Radio 2 show following the well-documented Sachsgate furore in October 2008.

The pre-recorded TalkSport show saw Brand – who supports West Ham – leave an answerphone message for Obama, enquiring whether he too is a Hammers supporter.

“Dear Barack Obama, we are calling you to find out if you are, in fact, the world’s most famous West Ham supporter,” Brand said in the message.

“I haven’t ever seen you at Upton Park. What formation do you suggest Gianfranco Zola plays?”

Speaking after the phone call, Gallagher wondered whether the move might affect his ability to tour the US with Oasis.

“This answerphone message better not jeopardise my American visa situation,” he mused.

Later in the show Brand telephoned presenter Jonathan Ross, who was also embroiled in the ‘Sachsgate’ affair, in which Ross and Brand phoned actor Andrew Sachs and left a lewd message about his granddaughter.