Oasis’ Noel Gallagher: ‘Benicassim was a waste of time’

Guitarist blogs about sound troubles at Spanish festival

OasisNoel Gallagher has described his band’s set at the Benicassim festival on Thursday (July 17) as a “waste of time” because of the sound problems that occurred during the show.

The Manchester legends lost sound while they were playing ‘Wonderwall’, with singer Liam Gallagher walking off stage before later returning to complete the set on the first night of the Spanish event.

Writing on his blog at Oasisinet.com, Noel explained that only the crowd reaction the band received made the show worth it.


Benicassim?” he wrote. “What a fuckin’ waste of time! If it wasn’t for those bloody kids it would’ve been a disaster. I really can’t say enough about the crowd. Unbelievable behaviour. Special mention to the topless birds – what a welcome sight that was!”

Elaborating on the sound problems, he continued: “The problem was… wait for it… yes! The fuckin’ PA. It blew twice! And the monitor system blew twice! It’s becoming a joke. And not a very funny one.”

The show wasn’t the first time the band have suffered sound problems recently. They were forced to leave the stage during a show at Manchester’s Heaton Park last month when a generator failed. Oasis also suffered a sound blip during a recent show at Wembley Stadium.

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