Footage of Bloc Party announcing Oasis split onstage in Paris emerges – video

Kele Okereke calls Noel and Liam 'inbred twins'

Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke branded OasisNoel and Liam Gallagher “inbred twins” as he announced their split onstage at the Paris Rock en Seine festival on Friday (August 28).

You can watch footage of the moment below.

The cancellation at the event, at which Bloc Party were also playing, was down to an altercation between the brothers and led to Noel quitting the band.


Oasis have cancelled,” Okereke told the crowd, barely hiding his delight. “So I’d like to take this moment to say, ‘That’s a shame, isn’t it guys?'”

“So I guess by default, we are headlining,” he added before playing ‘Mercury’ after guitarist Russell Lissak jammed the opening riff from Oasis‘Supersonic’. “I’d like to dedicated this next song to anyone who really wanted to see those inbred twins.”

A day later Okereke joked about the Oasis split onstage at the Leeds Festival. Have your say on the split by taking part in NME.COM‘s vote: Can Oasis continue without Noel? now.

Bloc Party and Oasis have not seen eye to eye after Liam Gallagher told NME.COM that the London band looked like “students on ‘University Challenge'” back in 2005.