Oasis offer fans ‘Bank Of Burnage’ refunds for Heaton Park gig*

Attendees can decide whether to take the money or keep the unique cheque as a memento

Oasis have revealed details of how fans can claim a refund for the band’s Manchester Heaton Park gig on June 4.

The homecoming gig had to be temporarily abandoned due to sound problems, resulting in both Liam and Noel Gallagher offering the entire crowd a full refund.

Last week, fans who had applied for a refund began receiving their cheques in the post, reports Manchester Evening News. In a tribute to the GallaghersManchester roots, the speciality cheques – which are legally bankable – are credited to the “Bank Of Burnage”. They also feature both Gallagher brothers’ signatures.


A spokeswoman for the band said that fans are under no obligation to cash the cheques, adding that the mementos could become collector’s items in the future if fans do hang onto them.

“People can obviously cash them in,” she said. “They are quite distinctive so a few people may decide to keep them.”

Writing on his Myspace.com/oasis blog on June 19, Noel Gallagher stated that 20,000 fans had applied for refunds.

If that number is genuine, Oasis could be forced to pay fans around £770,000 (£38.50 per cheque) in total.

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