Morrissey joins Noel Gallagher backstage at Oasis gig

'I love meeting my heroes,' declares guitarist in LA

Morrissey turned up to watch Oasis play in Los Angeles, despite Noel Gallagher doubting one of his concerts would be the singer’s “natural environment”.

Posting on his blog at before the show at the Staples Centre (December 4) in the west coast city, Gallagher said he’d seen the ex-Smiths frontman’s name on the guestlist but was sceptical he would show.

“They reckon Morrissey‘s on the guestlist tonight! Really? I’ll believe it when I see him,” he wrote. “An Oasis concert doesn’t sound like the natural environment where one would see a Morrissey.”

However, Gallagher was forced to eat his words when the singer not only showed up, but joined the band after the gig.

“Well, well, well. He turned up!” declared the guitarist after the show. “Morrissey was actually in our actual dressing room. Being very funny. He asked me did I have any ‘new moves’!! Genius.”

Gallagher added that Morrissey was not the only hero of his to attend the show.

“[Sex Pistols‘] Steve Jones was there,” he said. “A proper dude. Can’t tell you what a buzz it is to have two of the people who are absolutely responsible for you making music in the room. I love meeting my heroes. They’re all top, top geezers.”