Oasis for Manchester summer 2009 ‘super-gig’

Band set for huge homecoming show

Oasis will play a homecoming “super-gig” in Manchester next summer.

Noel Gallagher told BBC News that his band had planned the show, but wouldn’t reveal which location it would take place at.

“We’ve got a super-gig planned next summer,” he revealed. “Don’t ask me any more questions because I can’t tell you what it is.”

Oasis have played a variety of Manchester venues through the years, including a gig at the Gallaghers‘ beloved Manchester City‘s old Maine Road stadium in 1996, as well as the team’s new home, The City Of Manchester Stadium, in 2005.

However, Gallagher hinted that the band were set to play the show at an unusual location.

“If I gave you 500 guesses you’d never guess where it would be,” he said.

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Oasis kicked off their UK tour in Liverpool on Tuesday night (October 6). Check out our Photo Gallery from the show.

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