Oasis brand Keane ‘shit’

Noel Gallagher also reveals life threatening incident

Oasis have slammed Keane again – branding the trio “shit”.

Noel Gallagher criticised the band for recent comments they made about their forthcoming album ‘Perfect Symmetry’.

He said: “(Tom Chaplin) He’s going on and on about being taken out of his comfort zone when making his new album. What the fuck does that mean?.


“Why would you want to be uncomfortable when making an album? No matter what direction Keane take, it doesn’t matter – they’ll still be shit.”

The band have been renowned for slamming Keane in the past, with Gallagher branding the trio “twats” and Liam calling singer Chaplin a “posh lightweight” after his spell in rehab in 2006.

But Gallagher heaped praise on U2 and defended their singer Bono, who he believes is often misunderstood.

He added: “I fucking love U2 and I always have done – I love the size of that band. Whether you like them or not, you cannot deny that U2 have written some great fucking songs.

“People will not accept that Bono is sincere – in this cynical age, they think he’s really just a cunt. But he’s not.”

The Oasis leader also revealed that the police had to be called in during the recording sessions for their new album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ after somebody threatened the band.


He told The Belfast Telegraph: “There was an incident when some fucking lunatic turned up at the studio saying he’d written all the songs that we hadn’t yet recorded. The police had to be called – he threatened to kill us, although not Liam, funnily enough.”

Meanwhile the band have also been accused of plagiarising Cliff Richard‘s ‘Devil Woman’ on album track ‘The Turning’ by the veteran singer’s fans.