Have the Chemical Brothers remixed Oasis?

Listen to possible Oasis leaks online now

A version of a song rumoured to be a track destined for the forthcoming new Oasis album has leaked online.

The track, which you can hear by clicking on the video below, is purported by various blogs to be a Chemical Brothers remix of a song named ‘Falling Down’. However the identity of the remixers is not confirmed, and the likes of Primal Scream producer Jagz Kooner are also in the frame.

The song features Noel Gallagher on vocals, and has been praised by users of various Oasis fan forums.

NME.COM understands the band have been looking at remixing tracks from their new record, and this could be from those experiments.

The Manchester band are set to release their seventh album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, on October 6.

Meanwhile NME.COM will have some very important Oasis news at 5pm (BST) today, so make sure you’re here then.