Ricky Hatton to recruit Noel Gallagher for Christmas single

'Hi Ho Ricky Hatton' will be released this winter

Boxer Ricky Hatton is set to recruit OasisNoel Gallagher to help him record a Christmas single.

Hatton is set to record ‘Hi Ho Ricky Hatton’ – a take on Jeff Beck‘s 1967 hit ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ – soon, reports The Sun.

Comedian Joey Blower has helped Hatton write the song, while the boxer intends to recruit Gallagher to aid the music. He is reportedly interested in recruiting Manchester City football players to help out too.

The provisional lyrics for the single are: “They say he’s never seen a salad, that’s why he’s fat/He’s never been on a diet, and he’ll drink to that/He likes his pies and pasties, a pint of Guinness or two/He’s the one they call Ricky Fatton, tonight he’s here for you/And it’s hi ho Ricky Hatton, he ate all the pies/He’s never seen a salad, he ate all the pies.”