Noel Gallagher explains ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ title

Oasis man says Motown was the influence on the new album moniker

Oasis Noel Gallagher has revealed that the title of his band’s forthcoming new album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, is influenced by Motown.

Gallagher told BBC 6Music that the album title referred to a DJ playing Motown records.

The title refers to “the DJ digging out his soul,” Gallagher said.

“Originally it was going to be called ‘Bag It Up’ and then it was going to be called ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ and then it was going to be called ‘Standing On The Edge Of The Noise’,” he added.

“I couldn’t think of any ideas and then somebody had taken bits of the lyrics out and ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ was what came up. I was like, ‘You know what? Titles become themselves’.”

The guitarist said that Oasis albums may not have had the greatest titles in the past. “‘Definitely Maybe’(the band’s 1994 debut) isn’t a great title,” he admitted. “But if the album is good enough it’ll become itself. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ is not the best one but ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ was the best one on a day when we had to choose one.”